Fear Thy Neighbor

True crime show about conflicts between neighbors that go terribly wrong.

Genre: Documentary

Director: James Farr

Country: Canada

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Fear Thy Neighbor
"In North Carolina, a retired Vietnam veteran sells off a piece of his land to a young family. No one can predict the modern day Hatfield McCoy neighbor feud that will ensue and the midnight shootout that will end it."
"The Phillips' family moves to a quiet seafront town in Maine to escape a crime wave in Indiana. But their dream home comes with a not so dreamy ex-military neighbor. A barrage of gunfire between the houses one night shatters both families forever."
"What do you do when you fear for your life and the person at the end of the 911 line is the one you need protecting from? Two Altadena families are unlucky enough to find out when an LAPD cop moves in next door."
"Two neighboring Omaha mothers turn from friends to foes in a vicious spat, which ends with both their homes burned to the ground. But could a woman really burn down a house with innocent children sleeping inside? A wiretap reveals the real arsonist."
"In Miami, a young mother has no choice but to shut the door on her warring neighbors as a three-year feud over a patch of land and differing moral standards reaches a bloody and tragic conclusion."
"A man hires a hit man to resolve a neighborhood dispute."
Season 2 - Fear Thy Neighbor
"In Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, a single man moves into his dream home beside a single woman who is looking to start a romantic relationship with him. When he rejects her, bitter animosity ensues, followed by mutual sabotage and, eventually, gunfire."
"A family moves into their dream home on a Minnesota lake, and welcomes the single retiree who soon takes up residence next door. But a dispute over access to the water they all love escalates until one party snaps, and others pay the price in blood."
"Instead of a brand new start, a man's move to Canyon Country, California, finds him locked in a bizarre and increasingly acrimonious eight year feud with his neighbor \u2013 that is finally resolved with blasts from a shotgun."
"Two families in Elyria, Ohio live beside each other in friendship and peace for decades, but as time goes on things deteriorate into acrimony, mutual accusation, violence, and finally a shocking and bloody shoot out."
"New beginnings take a horrible turn when members of a blended family in Alturas, Florida become deathly ill after ingesting a rare poison. Someone is clearly trying to kill them, though it couldn't possibly be the quiet couple next door. Or could it?"
"The town of Toulon, Illinois, is a tight knit community, except for the local bully who everyone avoids. When his neighbours stand up to him after his dog bites their son, he nurses a decade long grudge that finally explodes in violent frenzy."
"When a freewheeling family moves from California to the buttoned down enclave of Leesburg, Virginia, they quickly get on the wrong side of their neighbor across the way. The conflict escalates until bullets fly and blood flows in the street."
"A couple moves to an idyllic California beach town and hits it off with their new neighbors. The wives are particularly friendly, until one of them descends into drugs and madness, terrorizing and turning murderous intent upon the other."
"A teacher and her son get a new start in a Las Vegas home, but soon find themselves the targets of vicious harassment and intimidation by the woman who lives next door. Her fury knows no limits, and there\u2019s no telling how far she will go."
"A couple settles in Josephine County, Oregon, where they learn their new neighbor has a deadly past. Now, as relations sour and tempers flare, blood will be spilled on this land..."
"A young couple finds their paradise in a Vancouver, Washington housing development with strict codes of community conduct. But someone forgot to tell their neighbor the rules, and he will resist them at all costs."
"When two families settle next to each other in lovely Euclid, Ohio, expectations are they will get along famously. But when one family's daughter rebuffs the high school crush of the other family's son, the stage is set for conflict, and murder..."
Season 3 - Fear Thy Neighbor
"The promise of peaceful life in Tamarac, Florida is broken when the son of a newly arrived family befriends the neighborhood's most unruly kids. Bad blood between the neighbors boils over until things come to a horrifically violent end on Halloween."
"In Dayton, Ohio, a woman welcomes a young family when they move into the long-derelict house next door, then escalating fights over pets and children lead to a deadly confrontation."
"In Longboat Key, Fla., a psychologist discovers her neighbor may be a violent criminal and vows to protect herself -- with devastating consequences."
"In peaceful Alden, New York, siblings who live in neighboring houses get into a conflict when their prodigal brother returns home. Soon, the family is at each other's throats until their war finally comes to a shocking, fiery end."
"A decorated police officer and single father relies on his kind and generous neighbors to help care for his beloved daughter. When she accuses one of them of molesting her, anger boils over, all hell breaks loose... and blood flows in the streets."
"Two neighbors in New Brighton, Minnesota get along great until one of them catches Lyme Disease from the deer the other feeds on his property. The ensuing blame game, hostility and rising conflict ends in gunfire, death, injury and ruin."
Season 4 - Fear Thy Neighbor
"After her husband dies suddenly, a woman becomes the relentless target of her overly flirtatious neighbor. When her brother moves in to protect her, he's put on a collision course with the neighbor that will only be resolved with bloodshed."
"An Appalachian couple is delighted when their neighbors return home after mysteriously disappearing for ten years. But they've changed, for the worse, unleashing a campaign of endless intimidation and harassment that ultimately ends in a bloodbath."
"A couple who tragically lost their son are thrilled when a family with two boys moves in across the street. But the relationship soon sours, engulfing all of them in conflict, accusation, and finally a deadly shooting."
"Two neighboring frontiersmen get along great until one's dog frightens the other's daughter and grandson. It's soon all out war that will leave one of them shot dead and the other in a white knuckle standoff with police."
"A single mother gets along with her handyman neighbor, until she gets a new man in her life and he becomes the owner of over fifty dogs. Accusations become threats, threats become attacks, and eventually the conflict comes to a bloody conclusion."
"A disabled fireman appoints himself sheriff of his street, policing his neighbors and clamping down on violations ranging from loud music to off leash dogs. Things boil over at a birthday party where shots are fired and blood runs in the street."
"A couple who trades the city for the country soon find themselves in conflict with the gun shop owners across the street. Mutual video cameras record threats, fights and growing hostilities that finally lead to shots fired and blood spilled."
"A man finds himself living between hostile neighbors on both sides, including a former marine with severe PTSD. Their campaign of intimidation ramps up to the point of no return, ending with a deadly confrontation on the street outside their homes."
"A wealthy executive comes into conflict with his neighbors when he forbids them access to his extensive lands. One local handyman fights to keep the roads and trails open for all, a struggle that ends when one man lies dead."
"Two women living next to each other in an apartment building become fast friends until becoming sworn enemies. Each enlists their sister as reinforcements in the escalating war between them; a conflict that ends in horrifically shocking violence."
Season 5 - Fear Thy Neighbor
"Two families with several children between them get along famously until one of the mothers starts to dictate to the other how she should be raising her kids. Battle lines are drawn, violence flares, and blood runs in the street."
"After an early retirement, a man buys a duplex and rents half of it out to a troubled family. With the help of his gun, he sends the abusive husband packing, and becomes smitten with the wife left behind - all of which turns deadly when the husband return"
"Two neighboring bachelors start out as friends; harmless banter turns into threats eventually igniting an escalating war; the violence ends with a murder so shocking it is almost beyond belief."
"A homeowner has high hopes for the renters who move in next door; then, his hopes are dashed, setting the stage for a shocking act of violence that threatens to claim many lives."
"A single woman and her daughter are delighted when a single man and his two daughters move in next door; they become fast friends until molestation charges result in anger, accusations and multiple bloody deaths."
"Two women have lived next door to each other since childhood; then, one of the women's ex-husband begins seeing the other, leading to a conflict; when property disputes are mixed in, the result is a shocking act violence that engulfs them all."
"Realizing a long-held dream, a Michigan couple relocates to Florida, then their life in the sun is destroyed after they get into a fatal conflict with their neighbor."
"A family loves everything about their new home except the mockingbirds that perch and squawk in the backyard lemon tree; the family seeks to scare them off, igniting a feud with their neighbors that spins out of control until someone lies dead."
"A man who is meticulous about his lawn bickers with a new neighbor who doesn't have the same priorities; the feud between the two men escalates, ultimately ending in an episode of shocking violence."
"A woman who still lives in her family home befriends her new neighbors, only to be plunged into a nightmare of threats, violence and betrayal. When her brother steps up to protect her, blood will be spilled and lives forever shattered."
Season 6 - Fear Thy Neighbor
"A young family builds their dream home in the Kentucky Hills, but their heaven is hell for the quiet couple living next door. And a dispute over a shared road leads to fireworks, fury, and cold-blooded murder."
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Season 7 - Fear Thy Neighbor
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